Since the discovery of Chi, or “Qi” circulation (Breath, Life Force, or Blood oxygen) in the human body over four thousand years ago, Chinese doctors have devoted a major portion of their efforts to the study and manipulation of Qi. Their efforts have resulted in acupuncture, acupressure, and herbal treatment. Qigong is often compared to Yoga, as both systems incorporate breathing, stretching, and energetic movements designed to restore the body’s vitality. Qigong is the union of mind and body.


Qigong taught at AQIS is based upon 3 principles - proper breathing technique, meditation and exercise.



Qigong has its roots in traditional Chinese medicine and has long existed in tandem with martial arts. Qigong (also referred to as chi gung) can best be described as a holistic system of breathing, stretching, and meditation. In internal martial arts, qigong is used to help students revitalize and maintain their health, while also helping them develop increased levels of awareness.

At AQIS, we focus on “putting the medicine back into martial arts.” This means that our internal martial systems are supported by a comprehensive approach to qigong and general wellness. Students in our internal program are introduced to several healing systems as well as in depth knowledge regarding food therapy and meditation. In levels 1 and 2 of their training, students learn concepts such as the 3 Treasures, Microcosmic Orbit, and Geometric Breathing. Students also learn the Meridian Twist, an exercise designed to strengthen the joints and energize the body’s lymphatic system.

The Tai Chi, Qigong and internal arts curriculum at AQIS is comprehensive and is influenced by a number of teachers with in-depth knowledge of martial, medical, and spiritual qigong. These teachers include the following: 

· Elder Master Gary Grooms: Elder Master Grooms served as Master Michael Reid’s primary instructor for the majority of his martial arts career. From Elder Master Grooms, AQIS has inherited several qigong and meditation systems. These systems include 5 Animal Qigong, Ho Tien Qi, and Shien Tien Qi.


· Dr. George Love Jr.: From Dr. Love, we have Blue Dragon Qigong, a system based on the cultivation of Jing, Chi, and Shen. Dr. Love is the Lineage Holder for a 300-year-old family system of Taoist Qigong that has a direct lineage to Wudang temple. Dr. Love is also a medical doctor, student of Tibetan healing, Shamanistic practitioner and student of Kemet - “Ancient Egyptian Healing Practices”.


· Pendekar Bahati Mershant: From Pendekar Bahati, we have the system of Daya Batin. Pendekar Bahati is also the primary instructor of our Tenaga Dalam system, Satria Nusantara. As a ranking member of Pusaka Sakti Mataram Lakutama, Pendekar Bahati connects us to a diverse group of healers from Indonesia.


· Guru Daniel Prasetya: From Guru Daniel, we have the system of Daya Batin as well as Tama Yoga. Guru Daniel is also one of three founding members of Pusaka Sakti Mataram Lakutama, a diverse group of Indonesia’s most elite tribal healers who have dedicated their lives to sharing and preserving Indonesia’s vast cultural antiquities.