Covid-19 Schedule & Social Distance Protocals

AQIS Academy Class Schedule

We are offering classes.  We do require mask for participation in class. 
We will adjust this requirement as the pandemic affects on our community change.

Yang Style Tai Chi

Wednesday 7:30pm & Saturday at 9:30am

Level Two Internal
 Wednesday 7:30pm & Saturday at 9:30am

Black Sash Internal
Saturday 8:00am

Kung Fu
Monday 8pm & Wednesday 8pm

Kuntao / Silat
We are not currently conducting Kuntao Silat Atlanta classes because of Covid-19, Sr. Master Reid and Guru Phil are offering private instruction. Contact the school if you are interested. Please check here or on our Kuntao Silat Atlanta Facebook Page for upcoming training dates, details and updates

 Additional Training dates as scheduled in the class - Follow us on FaceBook to be kept up to date on any additional classes. 

Kuntao Silat Atlanta Facebook Page